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दफ़्तर की घड़ी में चार बजे हैं |  आज फिर रमेश का मन शराब पीने को कर रहा है | पिछले चार दीनो से घर-परिवार की समस्याएँ उसे बहुत चिंतित कर रही है | उसके परिवार में उसकी पत्नी के अलावा उसकी बेटी है | दूसरी बेटी का जन्म पिछले महीने ही हुआ | तब से उसने खुद को संभाला लेकिन पिछले मंगलवार सीमा से बेटी को लेकर कहासुनी हो गयी | तभी से चिंता को अपनी कंधो पर संभाले घूम रहा है |

पाँच बज रहे है | रमेश ने दफ़्तर का काम ख़त्म किया और छ: बजे दफ़्तर से रवाना हो जया | घर से चार किलोमीटर दूर विदेशी शराबों की दुकान थी | गाड़ी को किनारे रोककर रमेश दुकान के अंदर चला गया | जमकर शराब पी कर करीब साढे आठ बजे वह घर को रवाना हुआ | नशे में धुत रमेश साठ किमी. प्रति घंटा से गाड़ी चला रहा था | तभी अचानक उसकी कार के सामने एक औरत और उसके दो बेटियाँ आ गयी  और रमेश की कार ने बेरहमी से कुचल दिया | रमेश ने ब्रेक लगाया | उस सुनसान सड़क पर रमेश चाहकर भी भाग न सका | गाड़ी से उतरकर उसने उन्हे बचाना चाहा, पर तब तक देर हो चुकी थी | तीनो लोग मर चुके थे |

रमेश ने पास जाकर देखा तो कलेजा ही फट्गया – पैरों तले ज़मीन खिसक गयी – आँखें भर आ गयी |वह मृतक औरत कोई और नही उसकी पत्नी सीमा थी | और दोनो लड़कियाँ उस्की अपनी दोनो बच्चियाँ थी | उसका सारा संसार थम सा गया था |

उसकी जिंदगी मे आए इस तूफान ने उसे हिला कर रख दिया | उसकी जिंदगी जीने का ‘नशा’ आज उतर गया था| ऐसा नशा जिसने उसे आजतक सम्भहाल कर रखा अब काफूर हो गया | अब उसके आँसू नही थम रहे थे | उसकी जीवन का नशा जा चुका था |

Naam- Harish Sahu

नाम व्यक्ति का परिचय है
नाम व्यक्ति का चरित्र है
नाम व्यक्ति की पहचान है
नाम व्यक्ति का गुण है
हर चीज़ विशेष का विशेष नाम है
संबोधित करना भी विशेष नाम है
हर काम का भी नाम है
क्योंकि कार्य भी किसी श्रम का नाम है
समय जीवन का नाम है
गति चंचलता का नाम है
मरना पुनर्जन्म का नाम है
हसना-हसाना, प्यार का नाम है
रोना-मारना उत्तेजना का नाम है
खेलना-पढ़ना, युवावस्था का नाम है
चिंता-दुख वेदना का नाम है
किसी को महत्व देना, प्रार्थना का नाम है
प्रकृति, ईश्वरीय रचना का नाम है
प्रकाश, मानसिक दृढ़ता का नाम है
व्यक्ति का छोटा संसार है नाम
जगत भी है क्षनभंगूर्ता का नाम
ईश्वर को निराकार निर्ब्रह्म कहा गया है
क्योंकि ईश्वर भी हैं अज्ञांत शक्ति का नाम.

WooFle Bidding

Starting with the managers and the enthusiasm they have to conduct the bidding in an easier and efficient manner, though that was not the case this year around!This year the managing of Country names was re-introduced due to the FIFA World Cup being held next year in Brazil. Two OC’s were appointed by mutual consent with Sports Councillor and the G.Sec of H8. OC’s: Nisheet Patel, Aashay Harlalka.

These two have been an integral part of the football culture the hostel and have been managers in the previous WooFLe.

Aniket Verma – Germany
Naman Jain – Argentina
Jeevan Lal – Netherlands
Mayur Kalambe – Spain
Dayashankar Reddy – Brazil
Akshay Jain – Portugal
Harshit Patel – Italy
Amit Bhadoriya – Chelsea

Yes it is a surprise to see a club name in the list, but due to non-availability of jerseys of any other countries, it came down to this.

The Hostel Sports Council tried to avoid clashes of jersey colours but had to bow down to the same problem.

The bidding was held on the 19th September.

The players were divided on their level of play, pre-determined through their registration process.

The rules mentioned the distribution of bidding points this year around. Playing managers were introduced, where a playing manager will get less points depending on his level of play.

3 categories were decided for the players’ level of play and the minimum bid was set for each.

The bidding started smoothly with quite a respectable turnover for it. But due to high stakes on some players, some managers were left stranded to even complete their teams, with the rule being that they have to have atleast 8 players in their team, 7 if they are a playing manager, and with some managers having lot of points left and 8 players done, this caused a problem that the other managers wont be able to complete their teams.

So it was decided by the OC’s and the council that an upper cap of 11 players will be put up so that every team has atleast 8 players. Lot of arguments were made over this rule, with the possibility of starting the bidding all over again. But the rule was then finalized and the bidding continued. Due to some registrations on the spot, and these players demanding that we will play from one particular team, another argument started.

Due to only 8 players available in two teams, and the new registered players wanting to play from a team already having 11 players, a swap was being planned by these managers, which was not acceptable to the council and to an extent by other managers as well.
Heated discussions went on for a while but then it was decided that the new players will be bid accordingly by the rules and distributed as per their bid values.

WooFLe has been delayed for a valuable 2 weeks due to unforeseen reasons but hopefully this time it will be more extravagant given the efforts of the council to try and make it more closer to the real spirit of football and with more
strictness, but much more fun! \m/

Credits: Kaustubh Gupta

Kaustubh Gupta

in the Line Of Fire – 5th in MDGC

Starting with the credits to all the Junta that put forward their best foot in executing the very beautifully written script.

Script –
Abhishek Kumar Sinha and Nazeeb Ahmad. Pranshul Agarwal for redoing it in Bundelkhandi.
The idea for the theme was Sinha Ji’s. Sinha Ji was present throughout all the practice sessions and provided with invaluable reviews and suggestions. Hostel 8 wants to express its sincere gratitude towards his altruistic efforts.

Direction –
Abhishek Kumar Sinha and Abhishwet Dhete.

Actors – (In order of apperance)
Nilesh Jagnik as Lakhan Dev
Prakhar Singh as Colleague
Pranshul Agarwal as Budhva
Anuja Belulkar as Amma
Shikhar Gahalot as Birju
Jayesh Warjurkar as Sonam
Vivek Tripathi as Sonam’s friend
Naveen Meena as Villager
Abhishwet Dhete as Police Officer

Poster Design –
Arun Lodhi.

Production Work –
Yash Agarwal, Vaibhav Kumawat, Jayesh Warjurkar, Shikhar Gahalot, Tanmay Malik, Prakash Chandra, Shubham Meena, Rajan Gupta, Harish Sahu.

Stills of the play can be found at –
Link to the play –

The story was based in a village that falls in the shooting range of Army and has to evacuate frequently during Army firing practices. The language of the play was vernacular Bundelkhandi. Budhva, with his wife and younger son Birju, lives in the village. Lakhan, his elder son, is based in Bhopal and works in a government office. The rest of the story revolves around Lakhan’s attempt to persuade his family in village to migrate to city with him, while Birju turns a rebel against government.

– 5th in Main Dramatics General Championship. +40 points in GC Tally.
– Best Actor Special Mention to Shikhar Gahalot.
– Best Script Special Mention.

Thanks to all who proved a support at any time during the GC, those who gave their critical reviews as audience, those who came to cheer hostel during the play. H8 H8! \m/

Career Choices

Should I go into Governance
And tell people how to live?
Or should I get into Charity,
And tell millionaires to ‘give’?
Should I work for the Military
And design a state-of-the-art tank?
Should I put my feet up and watch TV?
Or no, maybe I should go sit in a Bank…
Should I sit around and wait for Veterans
To come and ask me what they’re doing wrong?
Should I spend my life in a 4×4 Cubicle?
Or should I just make a career out of a Song?
Should I spend two years in a Laboratory
Working around the whims of a Prof?
Or should I become an Art Critic
And learn to affectedly cough?
Well, if today the gusts of Time were to brush away
The Future’s wild Locks from my eyes,
It would be no fun indeed, when one day
Fate would sneak up and shout, ‘SURPRISE!’

Pritish Chakravarty

Pritish Chakravarty

Hostel Culture and the lack of it

[The article was originally written for JungleTales, the previous semester]

Each hostel in this institute has a unique culture. This culture transpires to promote the hostel to various successes- be it GCs, PAF or insti elections. We all know that freshie hostels generally have a great culture because of the presence of freshies. Among the non-freshie hostels too, some hostels have more enthu than other hostels.

I personally believe that hostel culture is imbibed in the hostel inmates by:
a- The hostel seniors
b- The hostel council

Now, this presents an interesting scenario. What if, the lack of enthu in a hostel is the cause of hostel council posts going unopposed and/or even uncontested entirely in some cases? This may result in inferior candidates getting elected and an incompetent and uninspired council being constituted. Now, because the council itself is uninspired, the transfer of enthu from the council to the hostel mates is non-existent.

Isn’t this something that we’ve witnessed in H8 in recent years? Now, I’m not saying that the council is doing a bad job, far from it; in fact I feel that most members of the current council are doing the best that they can. My grouse lies with the fact that posts are going vacant. 2 years ago, in my sophie year, there was not a single post among all the secy posts, that was contested. The joke doing the rounds was that each post has lesser than equal to number of people applying as are the no. of positions in that post. Last year, the problem moved up one rung of the ladder. We did not have any people applying for the Cult. and Sports Councillors. Eventually Ronak became Cult co. but the position of sports co. went vacant. The problem was exacerbated and eventually a council of 4 people had to be formed to carry out the duties of the sports co. Now, this year, for quite some time confusion abounded as to whether anyone was going to contest for post of hostel General Secretary at all. Competition for the post of cos. looks bleak this year as well. Compare this to a scenario in H9 where 4 people are going for hostel G. Sec. My simple question is- have hostel council posts lost all relevance and importance in H8? Any individual can learn an insane amount of skills through the experiences that any hostel post will bring- right from a secy to a G.Sec. Or is it just down to the fact that we have a smaller population than other hostels? Personally, I believe it is the former. People feel that they have nothing to gain from taking up a hostel council post, that the job is repetitive and mundane. I personally feel that any responsibility that any individual takes up, however small or however lowly it may seem from afar, if approached with enthu and sincerity, can do wonders to improve the skill set of that individual. I may be wrong, and it may just be a phase that H8 is going through- a lean period before a glut. But the lack of appetite to do something for the hostel is quite apparent. This article is not written to point fingers at anyone, rather it is written with the sincere hope that sophies and freshies coming to H8 read this, and realise all that they have to gain by contributing to their hostel’s development and do something about it.

Archit Kejriwal