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PAF OC speaks: Nitai

1. How were the PAF OCs decided?
“Abey! Interview le raha hai ki ground work kar raha hai?”. Hostel fourthies and fifthies came together and elected the OCs.
2. How were the PAF teams decided, what all things happened?
There was a meet to decide the PAF teams. 2, 9, 10 decided to be together and 4, 6 decided to be together, but h8 was lagging in deciding . Initially teams were formed with 8, 11, 13, 7 in one team. 3, 5 were in one team and due to some reasons they didn’t want to be together. There was a appeal for reforming the teams and then 3 took 11 on their side. Finally our PAF team was formed with 7,5 and Tansa. It is a good enough team.
3. Why didn’t we have any plans of our team beforehand?
It was due to delay on our side in making PAF teams. There should have been a PAF meet with hostel seniors to decide the teams, which wasn’t done. So when they went to the meet they were caught by surprise.
4. No girls hostel this time too. Is there a chance of getting one in future years at least?
“Haan bilkul, kyun nahi, chance to hai”. But the thing is: H10 is jinxed, no team with H10 ever won the PAF, H11 is useless. So we are better off without them. “Par haan bache kam aate hain”.
5. What is the role of h8 in this PAF?
H8 is contributing more in each and everything: FA+PROD+SCRIPT. Work is fast. Enthu in music is a bit on the low side.Choreo is also good.
6. 5 and 8 both got positions in Goonj, so can we expect GOD music?
We have a very good team. But, work started late. Though they will definitely do good : 5 and Sathe. Special mention to Uttam Subodh and Nisar.
7. Any message to secys?

I will be there in your GBM and ask all of you what you did for PAF.
8. How will be the 4 days before in OAT?
During the four days time runs fast. It’s fun time, even people not involved come to see. We need a lot of people. In the four days we will mostly be building upon stuff already done. Lots of work, food rasna. Practices will be going on everywhere and you get to involve in everything. The four days are really electrifying, adrenal pumping and tub thumping. We live, sleep and eat there. Music people practice so music on all the time.
9. What is your view on last year’s PAF?
Last year’s PAF was very good. Our contribution was good but we didn’t lead the PAF as such. Brains of both H8 and H13 went together to make it so. We had a lot of long meetings in H2. We are the defending champions now. We need to keep the spirit high and maintain the stature. There’s pressure on us and the competition is tough.
10. Can you give a brief preview of PAF this year?
Our PAF is an inspirational story of an important personality in India. There’s a part which the audience will relate and there is a part which will be astonishing, filled with things they weren’t aware of and these would change their perspective. This would be an entertaining, thrilling and fun-filled PAF.
“PAF mein teen cheezen chalti hain entertainment entertainment entertainment, aur hamara PAF entertainment hai”


PAF OC speaks: Mitesh

1. How were the PAF OCs decided?
All the passing out junta were called for a meet. Elections were held amongst us. Me and NItai were elected.
2. How was the PAF team decided?
Based on Cult GC standing, all the hostels were divided into 3 groups-A, B and C. A team can be formed from either ABB or ABCC.Frankly speaking (shayad junta ko bura lagega) we were not a position of demanding. We did not have any leverage. Initially, 3 and 5 got placed into a team, but due to some differences last year they didn’t want to be together. And so, teams had to be formed again. And finally, 5, 7, 8, & Tansa made into a team.
3. What can we expect from the Music dept. of PAF since both H8 and H7 bagged good positions in Goonj?
See, Goonj result doesn’t matter. However, music will be very good this time. Sathe put in lot of efforts.
4. Ours was the winning PAF last year. Did that put overload on you?
See, last year there were two people who could direct the entire PAF. Now its more like a collaborative effort. Everybody could pitch in their ideas. Its more fun now.
5.Are we ever going to get a bandi hostel?

Haan yaar 3 saal ho gaye. Lets hope ki we might get next year.

Sattu: Milna bhi nahi chahiye. Kaam kartha hi nahi.
Saurabh: Kartha hai yaar.
6.How is the day of PAF going to be?
Insanely busy yaar.
Ankit: Right now, we’re in a good shape.
Mitesh: We’ll be able to complete everything in time. The prod is less compared to last year but it is challenging this time. Par train wala toh sabse badha tha.
Vijay: Train wala? Awesome tha yaar. Biggest thing I’ve ever seen in a PAF.
Mitesh: If we put up a good show, it’ll be because of H8.
7. Your advice to sophies and freshies?
Some secys are working. But no one is taking up responsibility yaar. And some of them are not working at all.
Saurabh: Jab tak sophies mein enthu nahi hoga kuch nahi banne waale he.
Mitesh: Hamare time pe khud log aate the. Hum call karte the seniors ko ki kaam dedo karke.
Sattu: Mujhe sirf ek baar bulaya tha. Fir bulane nahi pade.
And then, the conversation digressed into secys impeachment talk and then about the “good old days”.

– Surya Kazipeta

A2 (All 2gether) by Sravan

Probably the only floor which always goes for treats with both the R and L wings together, hence the
name All 2gether, A2R (I don’t know, it could’ve been some sham by some senior a few years back who
merged the sophie treats of both the wings) Ranging from people like the G Sec to the PFA secy, from
gay roommates (you know who :P) to fatsos with hot girlfriends, the wing is a blend of mostly gults and
gujjus (surprisingly). OK, I know this is not an Insight article but just for the heck of bragging I have to
say this. With Pappu and Bansal joining Morgan Stanley, the company is kind of in love with this wing.
Apuroop probably might be already on his way to MS!

I don’t know how this happened, but B2R was the wing with all the dancers till Jhun passed out. And
now A2R is kind of the dance wing of the hostel (Thanks to Subodh, Abhilash, Akhil and myself :P) To
paraphrase Joey Tribbiani, “That’s right! Coz we’re from A2R! This is what we do. We may not be MI
managers, Chief editors, we may not be able to do polt, but damn it people we can dance!” So suck it
B2R! And yeah, get a taste of music in your life.

And how could I not write about the guy with probably the maximum fundaes in the entire hostel,
Shashwath Gandhi. You need to talk about anything, he’s always available. Breakups, resume fundaes,
movies or any weird philosophy shit, he’s your go-to guy (Shashwath, you can thank me later) I’m afraid
if I don’t write about the rest of the fourthies, they are gonna hit me later. So yeah, Chinmay, Subodh,
Sheth, Harsha, Pramod, you guys rock too!

This wing is something which I will never forget about in my entire life. I don’t want to write all senti
crap, but then again how could someone not get senti about the coolest wing in the instie. Thanks to
my wing for everything it has given me for the past 2 years (the countless nightouts, fundaes, poker
sessions, treats and sophie ragging oops, sophie intros). I’m in its debt for the rest of my life :’)

कैसे बताऊँ …..किसे बताऊँ

Dedicated to the blog post, I will always be waiting for ….as a Lit secy.

Plight of a Lit Secy 😛 :D!

Blog Post के बारे में जिस किसी से भी पूछता,
बस topic न मिलने का ही बहाना मैं सुनता.
उसे सुन मैं खुद ये सोचता,
अगर मैं लिखूं तो क्या लिखता ?तब बात मुझे आई समझ,
कि क्या थी उनकी उलझ!
लिखे भी तो किसके बारे में, बेचारे!
अब वो क्या ही सोचे, क्या विचारे ?

लड़कियों के बारे में !
शायद किसी और जनम में ..
उनके बारे में क्या लिखते …?
जो उन्हें कभी कहीं न दिखते …
हमारी तो सदा ही रहेगी ये विनती
कि बढ़ा दो insti में बंदियों की गिनती !

अब करे prof की बात ..!
उनसे तो हम हमेशा से ही रहे अज्ञात
न तो आधे class को जाते
न बाकी नींद में ध्यान दे पाते

बाकी के बचे ही क्या ..!
Endsem के पहले मगाई
रात को mess में maggi
इनमे लिखने को है ही क्या भाई ?
अब समझे मेरी कठिनाई
Blog post कमाने में है infi लडाई (infi fight :P)

Wrote it just for fun. I have a lot of topics if anyone is interested in writing for blog 😉

मेरी गलतियाँ सुधारने के लिए और इसे बेहतर बनाने के लिए धन्यवाद: JAYANT (Thanks for editing 😉 )

Jungle Fest

Fun at H8!

DJ night....Disco lights

A new initiative, by our hostel council,  that appears to be a would-be milestone in every hostel’s culture is the hostel-weekend. It happened in our hostel on  21st and 22nd January. A weekend of pure fun where all the hostelers enjoyed immensely.

The various events that happened were:

Retro gaming: The most appreciated and also the event that attracted almost all the hostelers is the retro gaming. The 8-bit games likes contra, mario, road fighter, tank reminded everyone of their childhood. And what more, screening it on a  42 inch LCD screen in the mess just increased the thrill of it. Through out two days there was a line waiting to play at almost all points of time.

back to childhood

DJ night: Awesome experience with every one dancing to various songs played by the DJ, in the disco lights which filled the footer ground. Even the freshies who are allotted h8 next year were also invited and they too danced like mad, cheering their new hostel.

Rock n roll

Mafia night and Poker night:  A game of cards and a war of words, what better could one ask for? Though it was  hard to choose one from Mafia or poker, but both choices turned out equally good. The night just passed in a flash while one group was busy bluffing each other(poker) where as the other was busy blaming each other (mafia).


Wall painting: This was yet another thing happening at the same time as poker and mafia. The mess wall which was once just a plain color now shows our hostels name along with the skill of our Fine Arts. The design is creative and was also created(painted) well.

New mess wall....

Karaoke Machine: A great chance to prove their singing talent was provided to every hosteler. A brand new Karaoke machine was bought and put up in the TV.

Cricket: 5 over cricket tournament was also organized in which many teams participated. Teams of 5.

5-5, as in 20-20..;)

Computer Gaming:
Counterstrike, FIFA, NFS MostWanted. The famous multiplayer LAN games in our computer room created the same effect as that of gaming zone in techfest. Participation was good and the winners were awarded with a Jungle fest T-shirt.

Pool: Many showed their skill with the cue by sending balls home in style in the pool competition held in the pool room.

cue and the cue ball

Quiz: A quiz slightly different from normal one was conducted which tested both the knowledge of the world in general and knowledge of the famous fairy tales equally. Winners were awarded T-shirts. Teams of two.

A lot of exciting things happened in the weekend. It was almost like MI or Techfest at hostel level. Hope this tradition continues.

Log Kya kahe: ( A few comments by different people during the fest)

The common question to all was, what exactly are you thinking about the fest right now?

Nilesh Jagnik (Soc Secy) : दिमाग ख़राब हो रहा है अभी तो…! infi काम है. More later. एक Blog post लिखूंगा इस्पे.

Harsha (G- Sec): {After DJ night} I missed it! Had to attend a PAF meeting. More later.
After sometime: Initially I had an idea to conduct a competition for freshies. Paper roll                                                                        competition. Longest paper roll gets a T-shirt! 15 freshies aprrox. 3 days of PAF work but didn’t happen.

Ronak (Cult Co): अच्छा था …..अच्छी बात थी : low input and maximum fun.

Sachin (PAFA secy 0): Jungle fest will be there next year too……we will paint the wall again! cricket again! masti again!

Sameep(PAFA secy 1): Really….Awesome. Wall painting शुरू में मुश्किल बीच में give up हो गया था  but finally जब बन रहा था GREAT! Worth it!

Please write your comments here too. I haven’t seen them all and I know this report doesn’t cover the entire weekend so comment on what you liked most about the weekend.

In the memory of the guitar, by Shashwat Gandhi

As he loosened his tie of his rented Raymond’s, looking into the cracked mirror of the wing bathroom, the four years spent at his alma mater zoomed past his eyes. He let out a small smirking laughter for all the people whom he had left behind. He always wanted to lead the race. He was at the epitome of his success now. He didn’t have any guide; he heard everybody but listened to no one. He persevered night and day alike, each of his second devoted to his choices, which he had made very carefully. Started from scratch, but here he was, on the pinnacle. Some got gold medals, some got the best prizes while some got applauds. But he had got the best job. As he splashed the cold water on his face each drop that fell on his face, anointed his new found satisfaction. His research was impeccable as to what the company wanted. He was the best at GD, and his resume was crafted for the company. Since four years he knew what he was preparing for. The courses he took depended on what the company thinks of the subject. He knew his limitations and hid them by excelling where others were limited. His list of achievements was long and unique. He had learnt things just because he knew he would make a mark instantly in places where there is low competition. While people struggled dismally to display their zeal to show their worth, he showed them the trophies. While people foolishly pursued their passions his activities were targeted towards his singular goal. Now he had beaten them all. After four depressing years of struggle, where he saluted donkeys and laughed at dull humour of the colleagues that helped him here, he was the one who was wearing the smile. He walked back to his room his face still wet with cool pleasure. He wouldn’t be giving a treat, there was no one who wanted it, and neither did he want to share his success. As he walked through the corridor the trickling water on his face had started to irritate him. He needed to wipe it off with a towel. Thinking about the water on his face, he wondered how same things seem to work so differently in different times. As he rummaged through the mess of his belongings on his table, taking care that the water doesn’t trickle down on his laptop, he finally found the towel over his old guitar. He had left playing it three years ago itself. He covered his face into the warmth of the towel, wondering why the useless piece of guitar was kept on the top of things. “Sameer, kya mein aapka guitar lu?” It was his wingie. He nodded and gave the guitar. The boy, shouted a ‘thanks’ as he ran with the guitar to his room. “Enthu freshie…” he said nonchalantly and then suddenly with a pride of an achiever, “Baccha bhi seekh jayega…” Somewhere nearby, the sounds of strumming started. At first he just heard. Then he started tapping his foot unknowingly. Then what might have been an impulse, suddenly overcame him and he rushed to the room where such beautiful sounds were originating from. Two beds were lined up in the small 6feet cross 8feet room and there were 14 people closely stuck and listening to the miraculous tunes of the instrument played by his wingie. He stood outside watching, his wingie was playing with his back to the door. Someone might’ve then seen him, as the strumming suddenly stopped. “Aapko disturb kiya kya Sameer?” He was so overcome by an incoming desire that he didn’t even hear that, he walked in took the guitar in his hands and turned to walk away. Everyone stood there scared, waiting silently. He didn’t know what he was doing. He just knew he had to do it. He turned to face the 15 odd people in the room, closed his eyes and started strumming. Hesitated notes came out at first, then suddenly he went into a trance and it was like the three year old magic had come back to him. He played a flawless Hotel California. Seconds passed slowly, minutes had almost stopped. This is where he wanted to be- In front of an audience lost listening to his performance. He loved the guitar. He never played it because there were people who were better than him and he wouldn’t be noticed easily by the company. As he was still playing, the four years once again zoomed past his closed eyes. He saw all that he had lost- his friends, his fun and his guitar. He was afraid to stop playing, didn’t want the joy to end. He was afraid to open his eyes, it might all be just a dream that would break. But then finally his song came to an end, he couldn’t remember any more. He opened his eyes. There was silence. Then he didn’t know who started it, but every one of them broke into a very loud applause. Then, for the first time in four years, he cried…  A brilliant work by Shashwat Gandhi, he wrote it during the placement season two years ago.


” It’s been there in the MANIFESTOS of all the Maint-Cos for the past three to four years, I am happy that I am the one to make it happen finally.” says Akhil proudly when asked about the CYCLE AUCTION. It’s like a milestone in the history of manifestos of Maint Cos I guess, now all the future nominees have one less point to write.


  • Sold 45 cycles in one day, for around 6000/-.
  • People from all the hostels were informed about the auction, so quite a few turned up.
  • Sold the G-SEC’s cycle accidentally!!


  • Not much of an auction, because people didn’t bid.
  • Highest price at which a cycle was sold was at 350/- and least being 0/-!

Akhil’s comments on these: The main point of the auction was to clear the space rather than earn money, so the prices were decent considering that. Most of the buyers were the workers so they weren’t bidding. At the end a few which were extremely rusty and needed lot of repair work were given free of cost.


Bhargava: ” It was quiet a bit of hard work, the auction. Had to wake up by 10AM on a Sunday stayed there till 7:00PM. And moreover due to low demand, there was no bidding. Rain was a hindrance. It was during that time I believe someone picked up a cycle from the other side of stand, and we sold it (there was no difference between the cycles to be sold and others other than their location). Later on Akhil said G-SEC’s cycle was missing. I guess we probably sold it, but it’s still a probability  ( not confirmed).”

What G-Sec has to say: “It wasn’t exactly accidental that my cycle got sold. I wanted Akhil to find it and sell it, but he sold without finding it, that’s all. In the end it was anyway supposed to be sold.”

I know a friend of mine who got his cycle sold too, but he never wanted to sell it. But this was entirely his fault as he was careless enough not to follow the instructions of our secys. He is worthy of some sympathy as he was from H6.

Final words from the Maint Co(Akhil) : Thank you Bhargava and Kuldeep ( Secys).

Bottom line: Was a really good effort and work ;).
But if you have a cycle, just check out, did yours go missing? 😛