in the Line Of Fire – 5th in MDGC

Starting with the credits to all the Junta that put forward their best foot in executing the very beautifully written script.

Script –
Abhishek Kumar Sinha and Nazeeb Ahmad. Pranshul Agarwal for redoing it in Bundelkhandi.
The idea for the theme was Sinha Ji’s. Sinha Ji was present throughout all the practice sessions and provided with invaluable reviews and suggestions. Hostel 8 wants to express its sincere gratitude towards his altruistic efforts.

Direction –
Abhishek Kumar Sinha and Abhishwet Dhete.

Actors – (In order of apperance)
Nilesh Jagnik as Lakhan Dev
Prakhar Singh as Colleague
Pranshul Agarwal as Budhva
Anuja Belulkar as Amma
Shikhar Gahalot as Birju
Jayesh Warjurkar as Sonam
Vivek Tripathi as Sonam’s friend
Naveen Meena as Villager
Abhishwet Dhete as Police Officer

Poster Design –
Arun Lodhi.

Production Work –
Yash Agarwal, Vaibhav Kumawat, Jayesh Warjurkar, Shikhar Gahalot, Tanmay Malik, Prakash Chandra, Shubham Meena, Rajan Gupta, Harish Sahu.

Stills of the play can be found at –
Link to the play –

The story was based in a village that falls in the shooting range of Army and has to evacuate frequently during Army firing practices. The language of the play was vernacular Bundelkhandi. Budhva, with his wife and younger son Birju, lives in the village. Lakhan, his elder son, is based in Bhopal and works in a government office. The rest of the story revolves around Lakhan’s attempt to persuade his family in village to migrate to city with him, while Birju turns a rebel against government.

– 5th in Main Dramatics General Championship. +40 points in GC Tally.
– Best Actor Special Mention to Shikhar Gahalot.
– Best Script Special Mention.

Thanks to all who proved a support at any time during the GC, those who gave their critical reviews as audience, those who came to cheer hostel during the play. H8 H8! \m/


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