Career Choices

Should I go into Governance
And tell people how to live?
Or should I get into Charity,
And tell millionaires to ‘give’?
Should I work for the Military
And design a state-of-the-art tank?
Should I put my feet up and watch TV?
Or no, maybe I should go sit in a Bank…
Should I sit around and wait for Veterans
To come and ask me what they’re doing wrong?
Should I spend my life in a 4×4 Cubicle?
Or should I just make a career out of a Song?
Should I spend two years in a Laboratory
Working around the whims of a Prof?
Or should I become an Art Critic
And learn to affectedly cough?
Well, if today the gusts of Time were to brush away
The Future’s wild Locks from my eyes,
It would be no fun indeed, when one day
Fate would sneak up and shout, ‘SURPRISE!’

Pritish Chakravarty

Pritish Chakravarty


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