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First GBM of the session

General Body Meeting

For the enlightenment of the extremely-busy-cant-attend-GBM or i-dont-give-a-fuck-wont-attend-GBM people, the GBM for this semester happened yesterday with a turnout of about 50 inmates.

As usual, the GBM started late with council members Nilesh Jagnik (Cult Co) and Praneeth Naidu (Comp Secy) being fined for showing up late. Amongst those who were present were – G.Sec, Ward Nom, all Co’s and Secy’s (but Chaitanya Potti), PG Rep, a diplomat from Hostel Affairs Council (who claimed to solve every problem) and agitated inmates. There was equal participation from PG community too.

GBM started with Mess Council – people going through the manifesto points of the secy thoroughly. Topics ranging from problem with food, service and mess manager were raised. The Mess council must have got more suggestions in 65 minutes than they have got in suggestion register in last two months. After mess, it was maint. C1R, Water Coolers, Tube LIght, TV, Ventilator, Bathroom, Ceiling, Plaster, Garden, HD Channel – anything and everything was discussed. Mess Co was the only Co defending his team and kudos to him for this (ek secy ke dil ki awaaz).

tough times

Sports council was asked about dire status of WooFLe, GCs and intras. Cult council has its own inner differences, sorting them out took half the time and the other half was taken in reading out loud the manifestos of secy because almost none of their manifesto point was implemented. Towards the end of GBM, the manifestos were kept aside and respective secy’s were asked only to tell the job they have done till now. Alumni Secy was inquired about the status of cutting ropes from wings and tech secy’s were asked to get the tech room cleaned.

P.S. Just in case, if you are wondering what these army Chinkies have to do with GBM : they are two army Generals hugging each other => their bodies are touching each other => bodies are meeting => General Body Meeting. Now you have my permission to bang your head against wall. 😛


The w (secy work) v/s t (time) curve

by Priyank Parikh

THE truth!

This post could not have come at any better time than this. GBM is near and every secretary is running around completing the initiatives he promised, in any manner what-so-ever. Supposedly, that’s what I am doing!

Signing off, only one hour left to GBM. Juntaa, do attend.

P.S : The post is from last year’s JungleTales and the creative (or say experienced :P) mind behind it being Priyank Parikh.