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A2 (All 2gether) by Sravan

Probably the only floor which always goes for treats with both the R and L wings together, hence the
name All 2gether, A2R (I don’t know, it could’ve been some sham by some senior a few years back who
merged the sophie treats of both the wings) Ranging from people like the G Sec to the PFA secy, from
gay roommates (you know who :P) to fatsos with hot girlfriends, the wing is a blend of mostly gults and
gujjus (surprisingly). OK, I know this is not an Insight article but just for the heck of bragging I have to
say this. With Pappu and Bansal joining Morgan Stanley, the company is kind of in love with this wing.
Apuroop probably might be already on his way to MS!

I don’t know how this happened, but B2R was the wing with all the dancers till Jhun passed out. And
now A2R is kind of the dance wing of the hostel (Thanks to Subodh, Abhilash, Akhil and myself :P) To
paraphrase Joey Tribbiani, “That’s right! Coz we’re from A2R! This is what we do. We may not be MI
managers, Chief editors, we may not be able to do polt, but damn it people we can dance!” So suck it
B2R! And yeah, get a taste of music in your life.

And how could I not write about the guy with probably the maximum fundaes in the entire hostel,
Shashwath Gandhi. You need to talk about anything, he’s always available. Breakups, resume fundaes,
movies or any weird philosophy shit, he’s your go-to guy (Shashwath, you can thank me later) I’m afraid
if I don’t write about the rest of the fourthies, they are gonna hit me later. So yeah, Chinmay, Subodh,
Sheth, Harsha, Pramod, you guys rock too!

This wing is something which I will never forget about in my entire life. I don’t want to write all senti
crap, but then again how could someone not get senti about the coolest wing in the instie. Thanks to
my wing for everything it has given me for the past 2 years (the countless nightouts, fundaes, poker
sessions, treats and sophie ragging oops, sophie intros). I’m in its debt for the rest of my life :’)