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कैसे बताऊँ …..किसे बताऊँ

Dedicated to the blog post, I will always be waiting for ….as a Lit secy.

Plight of a Lit Secy 😛 :D!

Blog Post के बारे में जिस किसी से भी पूछता,
बस topic न मिलने का ही बहाना मैं सुनता.
उसे सुन मैं खुद ये सोचता,
अगर मैं लिखूं तो क्या लिखता ?तब बात मुझे आई समझ,
कि क्या थी उनकी उलझ!
लिखे भी तो किसके बारे में, बेचारे!
अब वो क्या ही सोचे, क्या विचारे ?

लड़कियों के बारे में !
शायद किसी और जनम में ..
उनके बारे में क्या लिखते …?
जो उन्हें कभी कहीं न दिखते …
हमारी तो सदा ही रहेगी ये विनती
कि बढ़ा दो insti में बंदियों की गिनती !

अब करे prof की बात ..!
उनसे तो हम हमेशा से ही रहे अज्ञात
न तो आधे class को जाते
न बाकी नींद में ध्यान दे पाते

बाकी के बचे ही क्या ..!
Endsem के पहले मगाई
रात को mess में maggi
इनमे लिखने को है ही क्या भाई ?
अब समझे मेरी कठिनाई
Blog post कमाने में है infi लडाई (infi fight :P)

Wrote it just for fun. I have a lot of topics if anyone is interested in writing for blog 😉

मेरी गलतियाँ सुधारने के लिए और इसे बेहतर बनाने के लिए धन्यवाद: JAYANT (Thanks for editing 😉 )


Jungle Fest

Fun at H8!

DJ night....Disco lights

A new initiative, by our hostel council,  that appears to be a would-be milestone in every hostel’s culture is the hostel-weekend. It happened in our hostel on  21st and 22nd January. A weekend of pure fun where all the hostelers enjoyed immensely.

The various events that happened were:

Retro gaming: The most appreciated and also the event that attracted almost all the hostelers is the retro gaming. The 8-bit games likes contra, mario, road fighter, tank reminded everyone of their childhood. And what more, screening it on a  42 inch LCD screen in the mess just increased the thrill of it. Through out two days there was a line waiting to play at almost all points of time.

back to childhood

DJ night: Awesome experience with every one dancing to various songs played by the DJ, in the disco lights which filled the footer ground. Even the freshies who are allotted h8 next year were also invited and they too danced like mad, cheering their new hostel.

Rock n roll

Mafia night and Poker night:  A game of cards and a war of words, what better could one ask for? Though it was  hard to choose one from Mafia or poker, but both choices turned out equally good. The night just passed in a flash while one group was busy bluffing each other(poker) where as the other was busy blaming each other (mafia).


Wall painting: This was yet another thing happening at the same time as poker and mafia. The mess wall which was once just a plain color now shows our hostels name along with the skill of our Fine Arts. The design is creative and was also created(painted) well.

New mess wall....

Karaoke Machine: A great chance to prove their singing talent was provided to every hosteler. A brand new Karaoke machine was bought and put up in the TV.

Cricket: 5 over cricket tournament was also organized in which many teams participated. Teams of 5.

5-5, as in 20-20..;)

Computer Gaming:
Counterstrike, FIFA, NFS MostWanted. The famous multiplayer LAN games in our computer room created the same effect as that of gaming zone in techfest. Participation was good and the winners were awarded with a Jungle fest T-shirt.

Pool: Many showed their skill with the cue by sending balls home in style in the pool competition held in the pool room.

cue and the cue ball

Quiz: A quiz slightly different from normal one was conducted which tested both the knowledge of the world in general and knowledge of the famous fairy tales equally. Winners were awarded T-shirts. Teams of two.

A lot of exciting things happened in the weekend. It was almost like MI or Techfest at hostel level. Hope this tradition continues.

Log Kya kahe: ( A few comments by different people during the fest)

The common question to all was, what exactly are you thinking about the fest right now?

Nilesh Jagnik (Soc Secy) : दिमाग ख़राब हो रहा है अभी तो…! infi काम है. More later. एक Blog post लिखूंगा इस्पे.

Harsha (G- Sec): {After DJ night} I missed it! Had to attend a PAF meeting. More later.
After sometime: Initially I had an idea to conduct a competition for freshies. Paper roll                                                                        competition. Longest paper roll gets a T-shirt! 15 freshies aprrox. 3 days of PAF work but didn’t happen.

Ronak (Cult Co): अच्छा था …..अच्छी बात थी : low input and maximum fun.

Sachin (PAFA secy 0): Jungle fest will be there next year too……we will paint the wall again! cricket again! masti again!

Sameep(PAFA secy 1): Really….Awesome. Wall painting शुरू में मुश्किल बीच में give up हो गया था  but finally जब बन रहा था GREAT! Worth it!

Please write your comments here too. I haven’t seen them all and I know this report doesn’t cover the entire weekend so comment on what you liked most about the weekend.