Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hostel library revamped!

Yes, we do have a library in our hostel. And thanks to our alumni, there’s an impressive collection of books in the genres mythology, mystery, horror, fantasy, science fiction etc. Keys to the book shelf were lost and new keys had to be made and so the inevitable delay in revamping the library. And now, thanks to the monetary support from the hostel council, we added to the collection a wide range of novels right from Charles Dickens to Douglas Adams and from Chetan Bhagat to Ravinder Singh. The library is now open, make the best of it. Here’s the list of all the books. You can issue the books by contacting either of the Lit Secys.

Surya Kazipeta, Room 21, 9757418324,

Madhu Kiran, Room 12, 8268451636,