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” It’s been there in the MANIFESTOS of all the Maint-Cos for the past three to four years, I am happy that I am the one to make it happen finally.” says Akhil proudly when asked about the CYCLE AUCTION. It’s like a milestone in the history of manifestos of Maint Cos I guess, now all the future nominees have one less point to write.


  • Sold 45 cycles in one day, for around 6000/-.
  • People from all the hostels were informed about the auction, so quite a few turned up.
  • Sold the G-SEC’s cycle accidentally!!


  • Not much of an auction, because people didn’t bid.
  • Highest price at which a cycle was sold was at 350/- and least being 0/-!

Akhil’s comments on these: The main point of the auction was to clear the space rather than earn money, so the prices were decent considering that. Most of the buyers were the workers so they weren’t bidding. At the end a few which were extremely rusty and needed lot of repair work were given free of cost.


Bhargava: ” It was quiet a bit of hard work, the auction. Had to wake up by 10AM on a Sunday stayed there till 7:00PM. And moreover due to low demand, there was no bidding. Rain was a hindrance. It was during that time I believe someone picked up a cycle from the other side of stand, and we sold it (there was no difference between the cycles to be sold and others other than their location). Later on Akhil said G-SEC’s cycle was missing. I guess we probably sold it, but it’s still a probability  ( not confirmed).”

What G-Sec has to say: “It wasn’t exactly accidental that my cycle got sold. I wanted Akhil to find it and sell it, but he sold without finding it, that’s all. In the end it was anyway supposed to be sold.”

I know a friend of mine who got his cycle sold too, but he never wanted to sell it. But this was entirely his fault as he was careless enough not to follow the instructions of our secys. He is worthy of some sympathy as he was from H6.

Final words from the Maint Co(Akhil) : Thank you Bhargava and Kuldeep ( Secys).

Bottom line: Was a really good effort and work ;).
But if you have a cycle, just check out, did yours go missing? 😛


LANGDA TOMMY by Ishan Shrivastava

The Langda tommy

resting in peace..(not dead yet :p)

It was a September morning and like all September mornings, it was raining cats and dogs. But Pritish Chakravarthy, a hostel fourthie had no clue that it would turn out to be literally true till he opened his door to find a black figure with white patches innocently tucked under a cozy blanket on our Bong’s bed. It was none other than our newly found hostel celebrity – Langda Tommy! As per an independent scientific study, Langda Tommy has been over and under the beds of at least half of the hostel rooms. After reading this, I am sure , many of our sophies are hoping to at least get a bed in their room in the first place.

Some believe that this dog (seems more like a bitch!) has been sent by H-11 to unravel our Gyrations script. Little did we know that the one for whom we empathized (some still do and feed him limited quantity of mess food) for his disability would turn out to be a pain in the *ss. It was not long ago, when this son of a bitch found the sweet spot on my roommate’s bed and took a leak, resulting in the mattress and bedding being thrown out of the room along with the dog. Many a times, I have woken up to find wing sophies running behind Langda Tommy with racquets, studs and even laptops. Some canine loving fourthies once went insane and picked the doped out dog to throw him down the wing but they didn’t. Such cruel acts of scaring him away are needed, they say, kyunki saala bkl hilta hi nahi hain.

With the mating season about to begin, a lot of hostelites wish that koi toh kuttiya isko AIDS de de. But while writing this entry, I googled and found out that it is not possible. So my dear homo..sapiens  – Do not be shocked if you see some doggy action on your bed in a few weeks.

Strange though, how one dog’s intrusion into our world pisses off so many of us, when unfortunately our entire species is responsible for pissing off so many more.