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Welcome to JUNGLE TALES – H8 Blog

Ever wanted to share something with all the hostel inmates? Did something so funny or so awesome that you want everyone to know about it? Want to show off your writing abilities? Well, here’s your chance. Our new H8 blog is a platform to express yourself. Welcome to JUNGLE TALES.

Any entry long or short is accepted and everyone from H8 has an open invitation to write. Entries related to hostel are particularly encouraged as all of the hostel inmates would be able to follow and understand it. Next time you get a crazy idea, take your laptop and type it down, immediately send it to: or

Don’t want to write, yet have something to share? How about we interview you on the topic and put it down on the blog? Just call us on:

Madhu kiran P : 8268451636

Surya Kazipeta : 9757418324

(Lit and Debating Secys, H8)

H8 H8!!